RustController Technical Info

  • The Electronic Components are contained in a high quality ABS approved enclosure, which can withstand very low temperatures as well as the very high temperatures in the engine compartment.
  • The Output Voltage on the anodes is stepped up to between 40 – 47 Volts DC, in comparison to the usual 12 Volts output from all other units on the market.
  • The unit has reverse polarity protection against incorrect connection to the battery.
  • A Metal Oxide Varistor is used to protect the unit from damage against lightening and transient spikes from the alternator and starter motor.
  • Components from companies such as Phillips and Hewlett Packard are used to ensure a quality product, hence we offer a limited 10 YEAR WARRANTY on the electronics.
  • The current drawn is between 10 – 35mA.

Technical Specifications

Input voltage: 12 Volt DC (6V/24V avail.)
Current drawn: Approx. 10 – 35mA
Ground: (-) Negative
Housing: Flame Retardent ABS
Package Weight: 510g (12V), 680g (24V)
Control Module Weight: 160g (12V), 180g (24V)
Package Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 4cm
Output Voltage: (+) 40 – 47 Volt


  • RustController will not drain your battery or reduce its life span. In fact it acts as a dual-purpose medium by warning you by an indicate facility that your battery requires charging or replacement. The unit when operational draws less current than most alarm systems;
  • RustController will compliment any anti-rusting method already carried out on the vehicle such as rubberizing although it does entirely eliminate the necessity for this messy process.
  • RustController is safe and will not cause electrical shocks if a person touches the vehicle.
  • RustController is environmentally friendly.
  • Even when fitted incorrectly, RustController could never accelerate rusting
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